Doggy Poop Bag Pouch: Stylish & Convenient Clean-Up Solution

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Elevate your daily walks with our Doggy Poop Bag Pouch, crafted from premium neoprene for durability and style. This essential dispenser combines functionality with a sleek design, making it the perfect addition to your dog-walking routine.

Key Features

-Durable Neoprene Material**: High-quality neoprene ensures resilience and flexibility.
-Water-Resistant: Keeps contents dry and protected.
-Compact & Lightweight: Easy to carry without adding bulk.
-Secure Closure: Reliable zipper or snap closure prevents spills.
-Easy Attachment: Sturdy carabiner or clip for attachment to leashes, belts, or bags.
-Stylish Design: Available in various colors to match your style.
-Easy Access: Wide opening for quick access to waste bags.
-Eco-Friendly: Accommodates standard-sized biodegradable bag rolls.

Why Choose Our Neoprene Doggy Poop Bag Pouch?

This pouch is a stylish and practical solution for dog owners, offering robust construction and a thoughtful design. Keep your hands free and your bags handy with this must-have accessory.

Make your walks hassle-free and stylish with our Doggy Poop Bag Pouch – where practicality meets elegance.

coming soon: stealth black.  

don't let the task of cleaning up after your dog ruin your walk, stay chic and organized with this cute accessory.

Length: 3"
Width: 2"
Height: 2"

This item fits a standard size roll of pet waste bags.

size: one size
color: sunburnt orange