Dog Leashes

Need an extra hand? Our leash gives you freedom!

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Person in a brown strapless top holding a gray French Bulldog wearing a Cali Blue harness from Lulu's. The person is also wearing matching Cali Blue accessories including a bag and leash.

Double the Charm

Harness Colors That Complement Each Other

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A small brown poodle wearing a Cali Blue harness is being held by a person dressed in a gray sweatshirt with 'NEWPORT' written on it. The person also has a matching Cali Blue waist bag attached to their belt.

Hands-Free Walk

Ready for a hands-free walk? Use Lulu's leash set.

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Need a better way to walk your dog? Our leash has got you covered!

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love my lulu’s! made every walk easy and stylish :)


I love love my hand free leash! I can’t believe I’ve lived without it till now. It's so comfortable and stylish!!!


this bundle is hands down one of the best purchases i’ve made.


Amazing product! So stylish, comfortable, and practical.


cutest leash! hands free and our dog loves the harness!


THIS SET is AHHHMAZING!! it’s a quality product, sunburnt orange, is gorgeous!


size chart


make sure to measure your doggie standing up

size xs

neck 10-12"

chest 10-20"

size s

neck 12-18"

chest 14-24"

size m

neck 14-20"

chest 16-28"

size l

neck 16-24"

chest 22-33"